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date of event
Nov 13, 2014
Jakarta, Kemang,

58, kemang raya, jakarta-indonesia

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Sculpture Art Exhibition
Langgam Logam, Sihir Batu
Noor Ibrahim & Rudi Crystal
Soewarno Wisetrotomo (writer)
Venue Details
Gallery Kemang 58
Jl.Kemang Raya No 58
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
Date and Time
Open For Public November 13 (10.00 AM)
Exhibition will be held until December 7, 2014 (8.00 PM)

Noor Ibrahim born in Magelang on January 1966
Post Graduate Indonesian Institute of The Arts Yogyakarta
Indonesian Institute of The Art Yogyakarta Bachelors fine art in Sculpture

Using the resilent metal plates, Ibrahim build his work by applying pressure (hitting) it. This is certainly different from what he did to wood and stones, which he carved. Sculptors, through experience, have found out how to use their chisels in such a way so that the medium wouldn”t get “ hurt “ in the process of carving
The technique also ensures that the effects of the chisels can be controlled. On the other hand , hitting the medium is something more spontaneous, and the effects ten to be irregular. Such effect are often the opposite of what comes out of carving.

Rudi Crystal born in East Java on December 1975
The stone material that Rudi works with doesn’t come from any regular stone but exclusively from gemstonesRudi Crystal inner eyes stir, keenly sensing the “ character “ and “ content “ of each of the chunks that he already “ Figures the form “ By “ Character
Rudi Crystal is also succsesful“ in intregating grain, lines, and layers of colours

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